Fiber: What it does and where to get it

After weight loss surgery, constipation seems to be a common complaint. Think about it, weight loss surgery patients go from eating however much they want to about 1.5 cups of food a day. These patients are also focused on high protein foods, which cause constipation. The best relief our bodies can get from constipation is fiber. Fiber is a part of a plant or seed that is not digestible by the body. It is large, bulky and helps to grab anything sitting in the intestine to push it out.

Fiber is considered a prebiotic. I am sure you’ve heard of probiotics. These are foods like yogurt, Kiefer, and sauerkraut with healthy bacteria in them. When we eat these foods, the healthy bacteria stay and live inside our digestive tract. These bacterias help improve our mood, reduce inflammation, and produce vitamins. On the other hand, prebiotics are food for the bacteria already living in our digestive tract.  Once fiber gets in our colon, its used as food for the bacteria that lives there. The more…


In our busy world we are constantly distracted by texts, emails, television, and social media updates. This information overload leads to stress and prevents us from living in the moment. By working on mindfulness, we can better navigate our data heavy world. 
What is mindfulness? 

According to "Mindfulness" is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. Basically, it is being present in the moment by paying attention to yourself and surroundings. 
In Mindful thinking, there are no good or bad thoughts, just an open mind. Mindfulness takes practice and can include meditation. The website is a great resource implementing meditation practice. 
Successful mindfulness leads to a more balanced life, healthier choices, increased wisdom of self and surroundings, and acceptance of what is. 
So why is your Dietitian talking about mindfulness? When we t…

Importance of Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the body after weight loss surgery. Most patients, right after surgery need 60-80 grams of protein a day. That’s just a little more than two protein shakes. After the patient transitions to a more solid diet, the goal is 80-100 grams of protein each day. 

To meet this goal, a patient might eat: Breakfast: 1 egg AM Snack: Greek Yogurt Lunch: 3 oz of fish  PM Snack: protein shake  Dinner: 3 oz of chicken 
It is essential to get protein at every meal after surgery. If meals are skipped, or protein is not included, then the body’s needs are not met. 
Protein is a part of every cell in our body, and is required to make all new cells. Without protein, our body can’t create new hormones, muscle, tissue, cartilage, cells that fight disease, or cells that transport oxygen. Our hair and nails are made mostly of protein. When our bodies have a protein deficiency, hair starts to fall out and nails break easily. 
Sugars, or carbohydrates, are stored mainly…

Healthy Frozen Dinner Options for a Busy Lifestyle

Believe me when I say, I understand life gets busy. Here it is, almost all the way through April and I am just now finding time to write this month's blog! Sometimes life is too busy to prep and cook food. There are times when eating out or tossing a frozen dinner in the microwave are going to happen. But, there are some healthy options for us out there that will help keep us on track. Some healthy options for frozen meals are the following brands. Click on the names to be taken to the product's website. 
EatingWell frozen meals have 8 different flavors such as Cherry Port Pork, Indian Inspired Chicken, and Korean Inspired Beef. Protein amount ranges from 15-24 grams and sodium ranges from 750-450 mg per meal. Per meal, I prefer sodium stay under 490 mg, but most frozen meals will have much higher levels. All meals include a protein, whole grains and a vegetable. 
Good Food Made Simple frozen meals provide 12 great flavors like buffalo style chicken, chicken black bean, and chic…